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What You Will Pay

$99 Summer Special (Flat Rate, No Surprises) 

·        We take your PC (CPU only) to our shop or you can drop it off. We remove all viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware and other software that is ailing your computer as well as show you how to keep bad things off your system in the future.

·        Install all critical Microsoft patches to bring your Windows operating system up to date

·        Clean and lubricate cooling fans to keep your PC running cool

·        Complete diagnostics


$149 Summer Extra Value Package (Flat Rate) 

·        All of the above plus installation and configuration of a software “firewall” to protect your systemfrom intruders

·        Installation of a licensed, legal version of Norton Anti-Virus, the world’s most popular anti-virus product, including 12 months of free weekly updates

·        We’ll come to you and do the work on site (residential only) if you wish.



A La Carte Menu (Additional Items We Can Do With No Hidden Fees) 

·        Installation of additional RAM (memory)                            $25 plus real cost

·        Installation of new hard drive as second drive                     $35 plus real cost

·        Installation of your scanner or digital camera                      $15

·        Scan for and removal of pornography                                $30

·        Installation of adult content filtering software                      $10 plus real cost

·        Installation of wireless networking equipment                     $50 plus real cost

·        Installation of a router on your connection                          $40 plus real cost

·        Installation of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.                       $35 plus real cost

·        Operating system upgrade                                                $50 plus real cost

·        Conversion of Video to DVD                                           $30

·        Network Installation                                                         Varies

·        Business services                                                             Quoted


Other services available, just ask for an up-front price quote. We don’t play games and add fees to hardware. You can buy the hardware or software and hand it to us to install or let us grab it and you’ll pay only the actual cost we paid. No games, no hassles, no small print.


Our promise to you:  We will do the work we promise to do correctly with no games. If we find something else wrong with your PC or have recommendations, we’ll tell you but there won’t be a hard sell like the dirty air cleaner at the oil change place. J Nothing will be done without your permission and we won’t ever suggest anything you don’t need. If we can’t fix your problem, there’s no charge if you dropped off your CPU to us. If we picked it up, we need to keep $20 to pay the delivery folks.